2019 Policies

All of our attendees, vendors, artists, guests, volunteers, and staff are expected to abide by a set of policies which are in compliance with Canadian law and the general policies of the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s.

ConBravo! is committed creating a safe and fun environment for all our participants. We understand that many of our attendees enjoy dressing up and may have props to aid them. With that in mind, and especially for cosplayers and performers, we encourage you to please review the Props and Weapons section before bringing your props to the convention.

General Etiquette & Admission

  1. No Sleeping in Function Space or Hallways. No attendee may sleep in the hallways, nor any room used for a function. Attendees are expected to book a room from a local hotel or find independent lodgings outside of function space if they intend to stay overnight.
  2. No Harassment. No attendee shall harass any guest, volunteer, staff member, other attendee, or any other individual present in the hotel space. Any such behaviour may lead to expulsion from the convention and revocation of your badge.
  3. Ask Permission for Photos and Videos. If you wish to take a photo or video of a cosplayer, guest, or other attendee of the convention, please ask permission first.
  4. Respect Non-Photo Areas. The Marketplace is a general non-photo area. Only authorized members of the media and press will be permitted to operate camera equipment in this hall. Further, all attendees must ask permission before photographing a Guest or an Exhibitor’s work or booth. There is absolutely no photography of cosplayers in this area.
  5. Children Must be Supervised. Attendees under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at least 16 years or older.
  6. Some Programming May Contain Mature Content. No attendee under the age of 18 shall be allowed into any panels marked NC-17 or greater. Please check the schedule for any mature content ratings, and be prepared to show photo ID upon request for admission into age-restricted programming.
  7. Badges Must Be Worn At All Times. Passes must be worn at all times when entering panels, workshops, tournaments, the marketplace, or any other convention event room unless otherwise specifically stated.
  8. Special Event ticket holders must present their wristbands at the door and upon any re-entry after exiting.
  9. Lost Badges Should be Reported Immediately to the Registration Desk or Convention Office. If you have lost your badge, please bring ID to the Registration Desk during operating hours in order to be issued a replacement. If no one has returned your badge or it has not been found, a first-loss replacement fee of $5.00 will be required. If you cannot present ID and we have not located your lost badge, the full at-door badge fee will be required. Any subsequent badge losses will be full price.
  10. Your Friendly Neighbourhood ConBravo! Staff are Here to Help! Please note that all ConBravo! staff are uniformed in shirts. If you require assistance, please feel free to approach one of them and ask for help. If they cannot help you directly, the staff member should be able to either direct you, or escort you to someone who can.
  11. Be Courteous with Cell Phones and Other Devices. Please turn off the volume on your phone or other device while in a panel or event unless otherwise directed. It’s not cool if your ringer suddenly goes off in the middle of someone’s explanation or discussion. Treat it like being at the movies, and please respect the silence.
  12. …That Also Goes For Other Noisemakers. No unauthorized use of noisemakers including bicycle horns is permitted at the convention while indoors.
  13. A Note on Signage: The convention reserves the right to remove any signage or individuals acting in a way it considers offensive or in disagreement with its policies and philosophy, including any promotion of hate causes, religious/anti-religious proselytization, unauthorized solicitation, anti-feminism, or similar.
  14. Badges are Final Sale at All Levels. We do not provide refunds for badges purchased, though the purchaser is free to resell the badge at their leisure. Purchasers may not resell more than 4 badges held in their name, and never for an amount higher than original purchase.

Guest Interaction, Room Capacities, Autographs, and Lineups

  1. Gifts: Food gifts for guests at ConBravo! may only be store-bought and must still be in their original packaging, unopened. This unfortunately means no homemade goods of any kind. All gifts must be handed to the guest’s liaison or another member of ConBravo! staff for inspection before being passed along to the guest.
  2. Lineups: We generally allow lines to begin 45 minutes before an event or panel opens. If you arrive prior to this, you may be asked to come back later. When the time comes, please line up in an orderly fashion, single-file. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to help manage the line, but please do your part and help us out! It makes it easier for everyone. Certain functions will allow a lineup to begin earlier than 45 minutes, but this is rare. Keep an eye on live updates by following our Twitter.
  3. Room Capacity: Each room and function space has a capacity which is enforced by the Fire Marshal. ConBravo! will respect those capacities at all times. Please arrive early if you think a panel or event you’re interested in is likely to be popular.
  4. Overflow Rooms: Some panels which we anticipate to be full may have overflow rooms with a TV or projector set up for additional attendees. We will direct you to these rooms if you are unable to attend an event due to room capacities.
  5. Room Clearing: It is our standard policy to clear rooms between large events. We know you may want to sit through two things, but it’s not fair if the people who’ve been waiting for an hour in line can’t get in. Smaller panels usually aren’t cleared, however.
  6. Autograph Sessions: Autograph sessions generally have a fixed time limit, as noted on the schedule. In order to adhere to the allocated time, a limited number of attendees will be allowed to line up for autographs and a cutoff point established, after which no further individuals or groups may join the line. Select events may instead use wristband distribution in order to ensure a smooth a stress-free process – in these special cases, instructions will be made clear in advance.
  7. Accessibility Passes and Autographs: Accessibility passes must be presented to the ConBravo! staff member or volunteer in charge of the lineup. In the case of wristbanding (see above), the pass holder must ALSO have acquired a wristband for their access to be valid.

Accessibility Passes

  1. Acquiring an Accessibility Pass: If you require special access for a disability, please email registration ahead of time and they will send you the necessary requirements for obtaining a disability pass.
  2. Accessibility Usage: An Accessibility Pass entitles the holder and one (1) helper or attendant to front-of-line and reserved seating access at all major panels and events.
  3. Limits on Usage: Accessibility Passes are non-transferable. In the case of special access for autographs, acquiring an autograph applies only to the principle holder, not their attendant or helper.
  4. Accessibility Passes and Autograph Sessions: Accessibility passes must be presented to the Marshal or senior Staff member in charge of the lineup. In the case of wristbanding (see above), the pass holder must also have acquired a wristband for their access to be valid.

Props and Paraphenalia

ConBravo! is committed to a safe and fun convention environment for all attendees. We understand that many of our attendees enjoy dressing up and may have props to aid them. With that in mind, and especially for cosplayers and performers, please review the below props policy before bringing your props to the convention.

  1. No Live Steel. Absolutely no metal weapons with edges, no blades that can take an edge, and no metal weapons with pointed tips. Additionally, bats made of metal are not permitted.
  2. No Wild Swinging or Horseplay. No matter how cool you may think you look swinging your sword, bokken, or staff around, they could injure someone. Please don’t do it.
  3. No Illegal Weapons. This includes nunchuks, brass knuckles, shuriken, and blowguns. If the criminal code of Canada says it’s illegal, it is.
  4. No Firearms. This includes no airsoft rifles, pellet guns, replicas, or other projectile weapons. All toy replicas must have a noticeable and irremovable orange stopper/tip. No props may be capable of firing non-foam projectiles. Nerf dart toys are permitted, provided they are not loaded.
  5. No Oversized Weapons. No weapons should exceed 7 feet (214 centimetres). Weapons larger than this size can prove a major hazard to other attendees, as well as damaging to hotel property.
  6. No Noisemakers Indoors. No indoor use of bicycle horns and other loud noisemakers will be permitted.
  7. For the safety of all attendees, Guy Fawkes masks are not allowed to be worn in or around convention spaces.
  8. If you are using a gun-type prop at the convention, we require you store it while travelling in, out and between convention space.
  9. Staff reserve the right to inspect your prop(s) or proofs of inspection at any time.

If your prop is deemed inappropriate for the convention, it must be promptly removed from the convention space or stored at the Prop Inspection table until such time you can remove it from the premises. All props not claimed by Sunday closing ceremonies will become property of ConBravo!. All decisions made by the Props Master are final.

All props and replicas must pass inspection before being allowed into ConBravo!, regardless of construction, use, or size. The weapons inspection table will be located next to the registration table at ConBravo!, and follow the convention’s registration schedule. Please see our Props Master or one of their staff for details.

Any attendee found in violation of this weapons policy will be issued a warning. A second offence will result in expulsion from the convention and revocation of your convention badge without a refund. Serious offenders will be reported to the local authorities.

Please remember, we try to be nice about the rules. All it takes is one person not following them, or trying to break them to ruin the fun for everyone. Rules will get stricter if people break them. If you see someone endangering others with their stunts or props, please tell the weapons inspection table immediately. If you have any questions regarding our Props Policies, please email props@conbravo.com.

General Cosplay & Photography

Generally, our policies on cosplay are not restrictive. We ask that our attendees note the following:

  1. Public nudity (ie: exposed genitals) is forbidden while on convention centre property.
  2. We do not tolerate harassment of cosplayers (or any attendee). In line with our harassment policy above, if any participant feels degraded or threatened by your actions, you may be asked to leave the premises and your badge revoked.
  3. We fully encourage cosplay from all media including anime, gaming, sci-fi, comics, and fantasy.
  4. Please ask permission before taking photos of cosplayers.
  5. The Marketplace is a designated Non-Photo Area, and we ask that you do not take photos in this area. It causes traffic jams and can infringe on artist copyright. Only assigned photographers have permission to do so.

A Final Word

Please remember, we try to be nice about the rules. All it takes is one person not following them, or trying to break them to ruin the fun for everyone. Rules will get stricter if people break them. If you see someone endangering others with their stunts or props, please tell staff immediately. We’re here for your safety and to make sure everyone has a good time!