Media Regulations

The ConBravo! Media Regulations apply to press and media representatives who have been approved by the Media Coordinator and will be present at ConBravo! in an official capacity. All press and media representatives, including photographers, journalists, bloggers, etc., must abide by these regulations. Their submissions of registration, upon approval by the Media Coordinator, shall bind them to these regulations when present at the show.

Please review them thoroughly.

Photography Regulations

1. Usage and Rights

All photography remains the property of the photographer or their agency/outlet (pending external agreements and contracts between these entities). TeamBravo! Inc. and ConBravo! reserves the right for general, unrestricted usage, including the right to edit such materials for use, on the ConBravo! website, in promotional materials, and for the purpose of promoting other events run in whole or part by TeamBravo! Inc. Usage does not extend to merchandise or other for-sale items (badges, etc) which are to be negotiated separately at the discretion of the photographer or their agency/outlet. Photographers and videographers must gain express consent from any artist to film or photograph their work, and may not reproduce copies of such work without written consent from the original artist.

2. Etiquette

Photographers are expected to request permission from cosplayers, exhibitors, guests, and staff before photographing any costumes, wares, art, or specific persons. In particular, artists must be approached prior to any photography of their work and explicit permission given. Photographers must delete or remove photography which infringes on an artist’s intellectual property when requested to by the artist or staff.

3. Celebrity Photographs

Photographers must seek permission from any guest or V.I.P. at ConBravo! in order to photograph them. Please refer either to the celebrity, their agent, or the staff member escorting them before taking official photography.

General Media Regulations


ConBravo! does not take responsibility for the actions of media agents, photographers, journalists, or other members of the press, independent or associated with an outlet. ConBravo! will advise such parties as to general ConBravo! policies. Hotel policies and compliance with municipal, provincial, or federal law and regulations will be the responsibility of the independent agent or media agency/outlet and its members.

While at ConBravo!, members of the press are expected to act with courtesy towards all parties which they encounter, including regular attendees, cosplayers, guests, vendors, artists, staff, and volunteers. TeamBravo! reserves the right to revoke the badge of any member of the press found in violation of policy or due to complaint of harassment.

Privileges and Restrictions

Members of the press are granted the privileges outlined below:

  1. Early admission to the Exhibitor Hall beginning in the afternoon on Friday, and in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Early admission to guest panels and workshops.
  3. Access to the guest lounge at the discretion of the Media Coordinator.
  4. Access to request private interviews with guests at the discretion of their agency and the Media Coordinator.

Note that the above does not guarantee a member of the press or media access beyond the permissions of a given space’s fire code.

No member of the press shall be admitted to the ConBravo! Office (also referred to as ConCom) without the supervision of a senior ConBravo! staff member. Neither corporate nor independent agents shall be granted any privileges beyond those outlined above. No special access permissions shall be provided to a media agent save at the approval of the Media Coordinator.

Requesting Interviews

Should any approved corporate or independent member of the press wish to obtain a private interview with a guest at ConBravo!, they shall do so at the discretion of the Media Coordinator and the guest in question. An agreement between the agent, the coordinator, and the guest must be arranged no later than the stated deadline. Requests made thereafter shall not be considered.

Public interviews shall be at the discretion of the individual guest unless otherwise requested. When carrying a ConBravo! Media Badge, all members of the press promise to act with courtesy and defer to the wishes of the guest, the Media Coordinator, and act in compliance with members of ConBravo!’s Human Resources and Patrol departments.

If you have questions or comments regarding these regulations, please send an email to Thank you!


Members of the press wishing to apply for a badge should review the ConBravo! Media Pass Requirements below in order to better understand what the Media Coordinator will be looking for when considering your application.

Independent Media Outlets

Bloggers, vloggers, YouTube journalists, and other independent agents must be able to provide two (2) of the following:

  • A minimum of three (3) recent articles or videos published within the last twelve (12) months
  • Approximately 1000 subscribers or more in the case of a YouTube channel, with a view rate of 65% per major video release.
  • At least 2500 unique visitors not including yourself to your website per month in the case of blogs or non-YouTube vlogs

Additionally, independents should be prepared to explain why and how they are notable. Cross-promotions with other popular sites is recommended, as well as any official publications or accolades (including academic, scholarly, or peer) they have earned.

Corporate Media Outlets

Corporate media outlets will be required to present their business license and/or credentials to prove notoriety. Two (2) of the following items will also be required:

  • Masthead from a recent issue of a relevant publication which lists you as an editorial contributor
  • A letter from the news director or assignment editor on outlet/agency letterhead confirming your assignment to represent the organization in an editorial capacity at ConBravo!
  • At least one (1) relevant article published with your byline within the last six (6) months
  • Business card which explicitly states your role within your agency/outlet

Accompanying photographers/videographers (or if the photographer/videographer and editor are the same) must also provide an example of their work from within the last six (6) months. If the photographer/videographer is an independent agent contracted by the media outlet, they will also need to present an example of their work form within the last twelve (12) months.

Broadcast/Web Radio Media

Transmitter must broadcast at a minimum of 1 megawatt, or online service must stream at minimum of 32kbps streaming connection able to host at least 200 simultaneous connections.

Applicants must provide both a frequency and region they serve via regular broadcast, or an online link to their stream and associated website if streaming. We advise that streaming applicants should have at least 200 regular listeners.