What is ConBravo!?

ConBravo! is a three-day festival celebrating the very best in independent creators. Whether you enjoy video, graphic novels, webcomics, gaming, or cosplay, ConBravo! is where you can celebrate your passion.


We bring creators and fans together with hundreds of panels and workshops. Learn how Worbla works for your costumes, how to up your audio game in video recording, or take in a talk from industry professionals about animation and illustration, all weekend long.


We’ve got games from wall to wall. Are you the physical type? Come out to the Arena and participate in epic NERF-gun battles, kart racing, and battle tag games. Love throwbacks to your childhood? We’ve got retro games on tap, from the 2600 to the GameCube and beyond. Got a hankering to lead a horde or settle a nation? Our tabletop section has the game for you. Don’t miss out on our great charity games or our celebrity events as well, with dozens of attractions across all three days.


When the lights go down, we turn it up to 11. Join us for our Saturday night concerts, followed by DanceBravo!. Hear amazing VGM covers and original, gaming-inspired music at our Main Stage, and then break out the glowsticks and facepaint, ’cause we’re gonna drop the bass for our epic DanceBravo!

For Nerds, by Nerds.

For ten years now, we’ve been delivering amazing content. We were the first convention to celebrate YouTube and gaming in Ontario, possibly even Canada, and we’re proud of that legacy. But we didn’t stop there. Our cosplay scene has grown to epic proportions, featuring some of the best in-depth workshops and panel content any costumer could want. Our tabletop gaming has an outstanding selection with MTG drafts, original RPG scenarios, LARP breakouts, and free-play gaming all weekend long. You want it, it’s yours – all you gotta do is grab a ticket and be part of the fun!

ConBravo! comes to life July 26-28th 2019 at the Hamilton Convention Centre. Join us! Order your tickets online today.