Marketplace Applications

Got some cool stuff you wanna show off in our marketplace? Now’s your chance! We’re currently accepting applications for vendors, artists, and indie devs to join our show this year!

All three of these categories have different permitted merchandise and application deadlines – but we’ll get to that in just a moment! It’s also important to know that each category is juried, which means that it’s not a race to apply. Take your time to read the policies and fill out the application, then sit tight – you’ll receive a reply after the deadline, once we’ve had a chance to review all submissions.

Artists: Deadline April 1st; responses sent by April 30th
Indies: Deadline April 30th; responses sent by May 15th
Vendors: Deadline May 1st; responses sent by May 15th

Wanna know more? Hop on over to our website to find our 2019 exhibitor regulations and the applications for each category:

Good luck!