Artist Application

Our artist tables are now full! All applicants should have now received a response as to their status as accepted, declined, or waitlisted.

If you still have not received a response, please reach out to using the e-mail address you applied with.

See you at ConBravo!

ALL applications received prior to closing (until April 1 at 11:59pm) will be considered equally. Artists are decided by a jury review. Applicants will hear back by April 30, 2019 as to their status.

Artist Table Information

The ConBravo! Artist Alley has three types of tables:

  • HALF TABLE (3×2 ft): $125 CAD + tax
    • includes 1 Weekend Pass*
    • only 1 Artist/studio may be represented
  • FULL TABLE (6×2 ft): $175 CAD + tax
    • includes 1 Weekend Pass*
    • only 1 Artist/studio may be represented
  • END CAP (6×10 ft): $350 CAD + tax
    • includes 2 Weekend Passes*
    • multiple Artists may be represented
    • End cap of a row, consists of 3 tables

*Additional Weekend Passes may be purchased at the discounted rate of $35 CAD + tax for helpers. A maximum of 1 extra pass is allowed for Half Tables and Full Tables; a maximum of 3 extra passes is allowed for End Caps.

Sharing Tables

This only applies to independent artists, not collectives who go under one name:

  • If you would like to share a Full Table or End Cap with another artist(s), you will each need to submit applications, as all artists need to be approved. If an artist did not apply, you cannot add them to your table at a later date.
  • In each of your applications, state in the seating requests area who you would like to share a table with.
  • Only Full Tables and End Caps can be shared (Half Tables only have enough space for 1 artist).
  • Each of you should apply for the table size you would want if the other artist doesn’t get approved. i.e. if your friend doesn’t get in, but you’d still want a Full Table for yourself, then apply for a Full Table. If you would only want a Half Table, then apply for that.
  • Full Table sharing: each artist will need to pay for a Half Table (we will set this up for you when we invoice). This is so you each have a Weekend Pass and can each be listed as independent artists on our website and in our program.
  • End Cap sharing: 1 of you should apply for the End Cap while the others apply for Full or Half Tables. All of you should state in the seating request area that you want to share the End Cap with ____ artist. You MUST all apply individually – End Caps are in very short supply – if you don’t submit individual applications, and are offered a Full Table instead of an End Cap, the artists who didn’t apply will lose out. If you are approved for the End Cap, I will confirm with all of you the sharing arrangement; at that time I will close the other table applications and the artist who applied for the End Cap will become the main contact and will be responsible for payment.
  • Don’t worry, you don’t need to know if you want to share 100% right now. If you decide later – after you’ve been approved – that you’d like to share with another approved artist, you can email us and we can set that up.

Exhibitor Regulations

Before you apply, please be sure you’ve read through our 2019 Marketplace Exhibitor Regulations.

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Artist Application

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