Exhibitor Regulations

The ConBravo! 2019 Exhibitor Regulations apply to  artists , vendors, and indie devs (collectively known as Exhibitors) who have booths registered with ConBravo!. All artists, vendors, and indie devs must abide by these regulations. Their submitted applications, upon approval by the Artist, Vendor, or Indie Dev Coordinator, shall bind them to these regulations when present at the show.

Please review them thoroughly.

Definition of an Artist

An Artist is, in ConBravo!’s view, a producer of original works, largely amateur in nature. These may include any fanart, prints, paintings, plushies, assorted crafts, and so forth produced by the Artist and not by a company. Merchandise sold at an Artist Alley table must belong to the Artist the table is registered to – the Artist cannot be selling art that is not theirs and may not be representing another artist’s work whose name is not registered to the table.

Furthermore, the following merchandise is prohibited from being sold at an Artist Alley table:

  • Copyrighted images, which can include screen captures from shows/games/movies/etc., logos, or any other official imagery being printed out or cut out and resold by the artist
  • Logos, branding, or other company trademarks held by Funimation.
  • Officially licensed merchandise and mass-produced products
  • Wholesale retail products (such as contact lenses, wigs, Alpacasso, etc.)

Definition of a Vendor

A Vendor is, in ConBravo!’s view, generally a retailer of merchandise created at the professional level. These may include apparel, DVDs, comic books, manga, and other assorted items. This may also extend to original creations and first-party merchandise being sold directly by the original creator; this includes but is not limited to: Apparel, Clothing Accessories, and Novelty items. Vendors may sell their own art, but should rest assured that Artists may not sell licensed or professionally produced merchandise.

Definition of an Indie Dev

An Indie Dev or Independent Game Developer is, in ConBravo!’s view, an original, independent creator of an electronic (including PC, console, handheld, and mobile types), tabletop (including board, card-based, and miniature types) or live-action  (including LARP) game. An Indie Dev should have a studio size of between 1-10 people, no larger. An Indie Dev may promote, demo, or sell their original game and any merchandise directly related to it. No unrelated merchandise or creations will be allowed.

Space and Layout

Exhibitors shall use only the space assigned to them. No vendor, artist, or indie dev may occupy a space that has not been assigned to them. No tables or additional point-of-sale surfaces may be added to the booth without the consent of the Artist, Vendor, or Indie Dev Coordinators. Signage and other promotional materials must not block or interfere with other artists or vendors. Additionally, displays must not block the aisles or pose any safety risk to attendees. Any vendor or artist found in violation of this will be asked to remove the offending material.


Exhibitors may use promotional material such as banners and music. However, banners must not contain inappropriate material (eg: nudity), and any audio must be kept at a reasonable volume which does not interfere with or cause difficulty for neighbouring artists and vendors. Vocal advertisement (eg: shouting) should only be used with restraint and may not defame or cause issue for neighbouring exhibitors Please treat your fellow exhibitors kindly and with courtesy.


Photography is generally prohibited in the Marketplace as it congests traffic. Official ConBravo! photographers will be advised to ask permission from all artists and vendors before photographing any merchandise, artists, or vendors. ConBravo! does not take any responsibility for independent photographers and agents of media outlets. If you require assistance due to harassment by a media personality, agent, or photographer, please refer to the Artist, Vendor, or Indie Dev Coordinators, or another available ConBravo! staff member.

Sale of Food

No exhibitor in the Marketplace shall engage in the sale of packaged  food without an appropriate license and permits to do so. No exhibitor may sell unpackaged or hot food, whatsoever. Any exhibitor found in violation of this will be asked to remove the offending merchandise. A second offence will result in revocation of their booth space, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Sale of Adult Materials to Minors

No exhibitor shall distribute adult materials to minors. These include materials of a pornographic or violent variety, wherein the manufacturer’s explicit warning may prohibit the sale, or by inference from the content. Displaying nude or sexually explicit material openly where a minor may see it is prohibited and any such material must be censored in a way where minors are not exposed to explicit content. Any exhibitor found in violation of this will be reported to the authorities and their booth space revoked immediately.

Sale of Weaponry

No exhibitor shall engage in the sale of weaponry, real or replicated, to any attendee whatsoever. Only props and toy replicas will be allowed, following appraisal by the Artist, Vendor, or Indie Dev Coordinators. Any merchandise found in violation of this regulation must be removed from sale or display by the exhibitor. Any exhibitor found wielding a dangerous weapon will be reported to the authorities.

Sale of Illegitimately Reproduced Goods

Any merchandise which can be considered an illegitimate reproduction (re: “bootleg”), including unauthorized copies of figurines, DVDs, and manga, is prohibited from sale. This includes any unauthorized printing of official works onto merchandise such as body pillows or mousepads, and any replicas created by an unlicensed third-party. This prohibition extends to fan-created work being printed or used without the permission of the original fan artist.

Marketplace Overnight

The Marketplace will be locked when it is closed to the general public. The room will be secure overnight. Access to the room outside of these times cannot be granted unless in case of an emergency. Any exhibitor who wishes to leave their belongings in the Marketplace overnight are welcome to do so, however ConBravo! and it’s staff and cannot be held responsible for missing or damaged items.

Setup and Teardown

The Marketplace will be open for regular setup at 10:00 AM on Friday, July 26th. There will be an earlier setup time available for larger exhibitor spaces on Thursday, the 25th between the hours of 6:00 PM and 12:00 AM midnight. During these setup times, exhibitors will have access to the indoor loading-dock in a queue. No vehicles will be permitted to enter the loading-dock without a loading-dock pass which your Coordinator will provide. Exhibitors will be able to arrive 1 hour before the Marketplace is open on Saturday and Sunday for a quick setup. If you require more pre-show setup time please contact your Coordinator. On Sunday’s teardown all exhibitors are to begin packing up and their respective Coordinators will assign them loading dock passes.

Payment, Refunds, and Badges

Payment by exhibitors must be received by May 31st, 2019. Any payments received after this date will be rejected and the space offered to the next Vendor or Artist on the waiting list. Refunds must be requested by May 31st 2019, and will NOT be issued at any point past this date. Badges will be available from the Vendor or Artist Coordinator starting at 2:00 PM on Friday and continuing through regular registration hours.

Signage & Representation

Exhibitors may use any signage they wish, including pop-up banners, table-hung banners, and other displays, provided such does not cause harm to any convention space or property, or interfere with attendee traffic in the Exhibitor Hall. Further, signage must not obstruct any other exhibitor, may not be posted in a space outside the exhibitor’s assigned booth space, nor may it defame other exhibitors. Exhibitors must remove any signage which the convention considers offensive or in disagreement with its policies and philosophy, including any promotion of hate causes, religious/anti-religious proselytization, unauthorized solicitation, anti-feminism, or similar.

All Exhibitors must represent themselves and their business in an earnest light. Any Exhibitor found misrepresenting themselves and their business for purposes deemed deceptive by the Exhibitor Coordinator, TeamBravo! Inc, or the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s will have their Exhibitor status revoked without refund, and be required to leave the convention with all their wares, signage, etc.

Breach of Policy

If ConBravo! staff or any member of TeamBravo! Inc finds any exhibitor to be in violation of any of these policies, they may receive one warning. Repeating the same offence or violating another part of the policy will result in immediate forfeiture of their booth space and exhibitor badge(s) and they will be asked to leave.


All approved Exhibitors agree to indemnify and hold TeamBravo! Inc, the ConBravo! convention, its staff, and its volunteers harmless from any liability, loss or damage they may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs or judgments against them arising out of the activities to be carried out pursuant to the obligations of being an Exhibitor at ConBravo!, including, but not limited to, the use by the Exhibitor of the results obtained from the activities performed by TeamBravo! Inc. and the ConBravo! convention under these Regulations; provided, however, that any such liability, loss or damage resulting from the following Subsections “a” or “b” is excluded from these Regulations to indemnify and hold harmless:

a. the negligent failure of TeamBravo! Inc to substantially comply with an applicable governmental requirements; or
b. the negligence or willful malfeasance of any TeamBravo! Inc owner, or ConBravo! staff member.

If you have questions or comments regarding these regulations, please send an email to exhibitors@conbravo.com. Thank you!