Every year at ConBravo!, we strive to collaborate with our guests, panelists, and other contributors to create a lineup of programming that’s tailored to our current event in an effort to make each year’s convention unique and memorable!

Take a look at the ConBravo! 2019 schedule now!

Recap: 2018 Programming Highlights

In the meantime, check out some programming highlights from last year, at ConBravo! 2018:

  • In a first for ConBravo!, we hosted a pro-wrestling event! Alpha-1 Wrestling took over our activity room on Friday evening and put on an incredibly intense spectacle for many eager viewers.
  • The Runaway Guys packed our main stage with their game show Thrown Controllers, a longstanding favourite with their fans (and ConBravo! attendees!).
  • A ConBravo! tradition, seasoned game master Big Mike hosted D20 Live on Saturday night. In 2018 a Pokemon RPG campaign was run for players (and special guests!) Linkara, Arkada, Calluna, and Proton Jon!
  • At the ConBravo! Concert series, an enthusiastic crowd took in performances from Epic Game Music, Ro Panuganti, Little V, Adriana Figueroa, and FamilyJules! Afterward, everyone was on their feet to dance the night away when convention DJs Kawaii Bass hosted DanceBravo!.
  • If you like comedy shows, 2018 was a great year for you: The 404s bestowed upon us four performances over the weekend (wow!!), in addition to hosting an improv workshop for inspired and curious attendees! We were also joined by award-winning comedy troupe Sex T-Rex for two of their brilliant scripted shows.

(Don’t see your favourite moment of ConBravo! 2018 listed here? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter what the best part of the weekend was for you!)

What can I expect at ConBravo! 2019?

We typically release the tentative weekend schedule about a week or two before the convention. However, even if we don’t know the “where” and “when” for every session just yet, we can tell you what kind of happenings you can expect to see at our 2019 event!

Shop in the Marketplace!

The ConBravo! Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for all your merch needs! Located in the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s, the Marketplace features a curated collection of more than 200 exhibitors of anime, gaming, and general geeky goodness. Here, you’ll find new and used games, licensed merchandise, cosplay accessories, beautiful artwork, handmade goodies, and indie game demos – and much more! Retailers, artists, and indie devs have travelled from near and far to peddle their wares, and no matter whether your fandom is mainstream and modern or niche and retro, you’re sure to find it here!

The Marketplace is open on all three days of the weekend, and a valid badge is required for entry. Not sure if you’ll have time to check out the rest of the convention? Consider grabbing a Marketplace-only badge – see our Ticket Info page for details!

Wanna take part in this year’s Marketplace as an exhibitor? Start by taking a peek at our Exhibitor Regulations page, and then follow the application instructions for the appropriate section.

Meet your Favourite Guests!

Each year, ConBravo! is privileged to play host to some very accomplished special guests who have found success in their industry! Based on your suggestions, we try to build a diverse list of talented guests by reaching out to your favourite Let’s Players, streamers, critics, voice actors, artists, and musicians – and we’re so fortunate that many of them join us year after year! Most guests will host a Q&A panel as well as an autograph session during the weekend, both of which are great opportunities for fans to connect with them. Also keep an eye out for special programming events that your favourite names are taking part in!

All guests are added to the Guests page as they’re announced, so be sure to check there for the most up-to-date list!

Have an idea of who you want to see? We collect your suggestions a couple times a year (through feedback and social media) when they are most helpful, but we’re here year-round to listen to your ideas! Drop us a line on social media, or using our contact form.

Check out the Live Events!

In addition to their Q&A panels and autograph sessions, many of our guests collaborate with us (and each other!) on live shows and events that become the highlight of our programming! These are often unique and planned together with the guests we have joining us in a given year. Examples of live events from previous years include our Super Feud series (where you cheered for teams of your favourite guests to win a very intense game of Mario Party), live shows from our performing guests (comedy shows and special “live” episodes), special presentations that our guests have prepared (such as The Runaway Guys’ Thrown Controllers, and Big Mike’s D20 Live), and, of course, events where you can get up and get involved – like pub quiz, and karaoke!

Tune in to the ConBravo! Concert Series!

Every year, we’re joined by some very talented musical guests, and you can catch them all on Saturday night, when they perform as a part of our annual ConBravo! Concert series! Located at our main stage, the ConBravo! Concert series brings together some of your favourite video game-inspired musicians for a diverse line-up spotlighting multiple genres – so whether you’re more into vocal ballads, aggressively metal VGM covers, or nostalgic chiptune arrangements, there’s sure to be something for you!

Boogie the Night Away at DanceBravo!

After the music jams have ended, it’s time to put on your dancing shoes (or, if you prefer, practical, comfortable, footwear) and join in the fun at DanceBravo!, where we make sure to send Saturday night out in style! The DJ will drop some beats while you and your friends dance until the sun comes up! Well, until curfew. We’ll be sure to let you know when that is.

Attend some Panels!

Throughout the weekend, take a break from the action by dropping in on some panels! Panels are discussions on a diverse selection of topics, as can be found detailed on the schedule. They are led by panelists, who hold a wide range of qualifications, from industry specialists to long-time enthusiasts – but most importantly, they’re fans just like you! Panels are a great place to meet fellow fans of an obscure series, to hear new perspectives on current issues, or to learn about aspects in the creation process.

Learn more about our panels – including how you can suggest a topic, or get involved as a panelist – right here!

Watch (or Participate in) the Masquerade!

Every year, ConBravo! offers an opportunity for proud cosplayers to show off their creations on stage at our Masquerade! No matter if you’re a newcomer, or a seasoned artisan, if you’ve dedicated time and honed your skill in creating a costume that is your pride and joy, then we encourage you to enter! Unsure if it’s the right time for you, or more of a spectator when it comes to the sport of cosplay? That’s a-okay too – you’re invited to come enjoy the show!

Typically planned for Saturday evening, our Masquerade operates in accordance with ICG regulations in regards to ranking and eligibility. For more information on entry, see our Masquerade page!

Meet New Friends at a Photoshoot!

Putting together cosplay from your favourite fandom, but want to round out the rest of the group? Or, not quite ready for the masquerade, but wanna make sure you get some sweet photo ops anyway? We got you covered! Photoshoots for various fandoms happen throughout the weekend – no reservations necessary, just show up! Even better, we make them at the request of our attendees, so we can make sure all your fave fandoms are covered!

Wanna request a photoshoot? Keep an eye out on social media as the convention nears, and we’ll be letting you know how to get in touch!

Finally… Games, Games, and More Games!

ConBravo! keeps several rooms in the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s dedicated to open play of games, and no matter whether you prefer your play in the form of video games, tabletop games, pen-and-paper RPG, or LARP, you’re in luck – we’ve got ’em all! An open library of tabletop games and plenty of video game stations are set up for open play on all three days, and we welcome players of all experience levels to get in on the fun. Up for a challenge? Be sure to check out the tournament schedule! RPGs, LARPs, and select WarGames are also run throughout the weekend with scheduled start times. If you’re looking for a specific experience, be sure to consult the schedule, and sign-up details!