Cosplay Masquerade

The Masquerade is our Saturday evening costume competition, an opportunity for cosplayers from all over to show off their latest work and be the stars of the show. Every year ConBravo! seeks to honour the hard work that our cosplay community puts into their costumes and give them a platform on which to showcase the results. That’s the Masquerade!

How it Works

1. Get Registered. Register at the Masquerade office when you arrive at the show. Registration is quick, easy, and gets you in our system, so do it as soon as possible!

2. Hand in your audio. If your performance uses any music, pre-recorded voice work, or other sound, you need to hand it in ahead of time so our sound crew can get to it. Please bring it in MP3 format on a CD or USB key with your name and skit entry written on it. This can be done either when you register or when you sign in (see below), but no later than that. Note that your entry should be 2 minutes or less in length. WE DO NOT ACCEPT YOUTUBE AS AN AUDIO SOURCE.

3. Sign-in. After you register you’ll be given a time to sign in. This means coming to the green room, checking in at the desk, and then finding your assigned den. Each den has a Den Parent who will help you with things like tips on performing, small emergency repairs, and helping to calm your nerves.

4. Perform! Once your number is called, it’s time to get into the queue and ready yourself for the stage. Remember to smile, engage the crowd, and really portray your character when you’re up there! It’ll impress the crowd, and more importantly, the judges.

5. Check the awards. Our awards ceremony is generally scheduled for Sunday Morning. However you can also check in at the Masquerade Office anytime after the ceremony as well. We will have both a live posting on the website as well as at the Masquerade office. If you have to leave early, please come to the office to pick up your prize, otherwise it will be mailed to you. We encourage attending the closing ceremonies however, as it gives our judges a chance to thank you and leave a lasting impression on the crowd.

Please let our Masquerade director know if you have any additional questions by emailing

Read the Rules

Before you register for the Masquerade, you will want to get familiar with all of the Masquerade regulations! Find more details on the regulations for the ConBravo! 2019 Masquerade here.

Prepare Your Forms

If you’d like to get ready early and fill out the form ahead of time (you must still hand it in to the Masquerade registration desk), please use one of the links below. Please make sure to print all information legibly.


Masquerade registration will take place at the Masquerade registration desk, located on the 1st floor HCC near main Registration.

Masquerade Registration Desk Hours

Friday, July 26th: 12 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, July 27th: 9 AM – 2 PM

Please note: the masquerade registration desk will be accepting a maximum of 20 entrants each day. The desk will remain open after this cap has been reached in order to address any questions you may have.