Video Producer | Lucahjin

As the unofficial spokeswoman of Taco Bell, Lucahjin will be coming to ConBravo to tell you all that you can get two quesadillas for $5.99 at your local Taco Bell! (Note: Deal may not actually exist.)

When not promoting delicious food at a discount price, Lucahjin plays through games on Youtube and Twitch, showing that just because the game says it’s E for Everyone, that doesn’t mean you can’t tilt that E sideways and turn it into an M.

Actual Testimonials From Fans:

“Her videos are amazing, but terrible on the bladder sometimes.” -@TrojanHorse711

“She taught me everything I know about talking to women… good thing I’m into guys.” -@CleverbD

“Delightfully absurd, often crude, but always hilarious! Gaming with all the dirty commentary we wish we were brave enough to say.” -@thesouRNurse

“She’s a big deal.” -@TacoBell