Volunteer SignUps are now open for ConBravo! 2019! SignUp for available shifts from now until the convention!

Please note: A valid convention badge for the day of your volunteer shifts is necessary in order to enter the convention and complete your shifts. Weekend and single-day badges may be purchased online until June 24th or on-site at the event.

Wanna get involved? Awesome – we’d be honored to have you on our team! First, you’ll want to get familiar with our volunteering policies below – we’ve made some cool changes this year! When you’re ready to apply, follow the instructions on how to SignUp!

Volunteering Overview

Volunteering at ConBravo! involves giving us a hand with a variety of different jobs, such as line management and badge-checking – seemingly small things, but they can add up to make a world of difference for other attendees! Our volunteering system is flexible, and lets you choose the time, place, and duty of your desired work, in shifts as short as 2 hours! It’s the perfect opportunity to earn some cool perks – or, heck, just help support the convention! – in between your favourite events at ConBravo!.

Why Volunteer?

  • Your work supports the convention by helping us to run smoothly and offer a great experience to your fellow attendees!
  • You’ll meet cool new people with the same interests as you!
  • Our new flexible scheduling lets you volunteer while still catching all your favourite programming – try new activities and earn perks in your convention downtime!
  • If you attend an Ontario high school, volunteering with us can count towards your community service hours! What better way to earn them, eh?

Etiquette & Demeanour

Volunteers must maintain a professional, helpful attitude towards attendees, guests, and their fellow staff. One of ConBravo!’s primary goals is to create a cheerful and streamlined atmosphere, and to that end we encourage our volunteers to put their best foot forward.

Treat attendees and guests with courtesy and readiness. Never lose your temper or become frustrated with them – this is the surest way to create a bad impression. As we’re sure you appreciate being treated with respect, so do our attendees. Give and you shall receive.

We at ConBravo! fully appreciate your efforts to maintain our quality of standard at the convention and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

General Guidelines

  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your shift, and let your Staff Supervisor know if you need to leave ahead of schedule.
  • Maintain a courteous and helpful attitude at all times.
  • Volunteers must not be under the influence of recreational drugs and/or alcohol while on-duty. As a volunteer you will be a recognizable face of the team, and your behaviour may reflect poorly on your station and the convention.
  • Physical violence or aggressive behaviour is strictly prohibited.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of the convention and its schedule in order to be helpful to attendees and guests at the convention.
  • When in doubt, refer to your Staff Supervisor.
  • If you are threatened in any way, report the issue immediately to your directors or ask another nearby team member for help.
  • Maintain a cooperative attitude with all staff and volunteers.
  • If you are no longer able to attend a shift please be sure to cancel your reservation on SignUp as soon as you know to free up the spot for other volunteers.

Volunteer Shifts

Volunteering has become super flexible at ConBravo! thanks to our new system: SignUp!

As a volunteer, you can now SignUp for as many or as few shifts as you would like, with full control over when you’re working, where you’re working, and what you’ll be doing.

Most of our shifts are divided into 2-hour blocks to offer increased flexibility for all volunteers. Volunteers may choose to work back-to-back shifts, to complete all desired hours in one day, or to do just a few short shifts throughout the weekend if you would like to lend a hand. We’re grateful for any help you’d like to give us!


ALL refunds will be made online only, which is one reason all volunteers must pre-register online. NO cash or cheque refunds will be given.

No partial refunds or partial credits will be issued. Bonus hours worked may result in further rewards, including free con merch and other considerations.

Hours Required Reward
4 ConBravo! Merchandise (small)
8 ConBravo! Merchandise (large)
12 Badge Reimbursement*

* Please note: Only volunteers who have purchased a badge online before ConBravo! weekend will be eligible for badge reimbursement.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirement Community Involvement

Volunteering at ConBravo! may count towards the 40 hour minimum community involvement required by Ontario Secondary Schools. 

If you intend to submit your hours volunteered towards the requirement please be sure to complete the following:

  1. Follow your school’s procedures for submitting your “Notification of Planned Community Involvement and Activities” form. It is your school’s discretion whether ConBravo! Volunteering is an eligible activity. 
  2. The volunteer must bring their “Completion of Community Involvement Activities” form for completion by the volunteer coordinator or submit the form to the volunteer coordinator by email for completion following the event.

How to SignUp to Volunteer at ConBravo!

  1. Visit SignUp to see all the volunteer shifts available!
  2. Review the options listed and choose the shift(s) you like.
  3. SignUp! You’re done! It’s that easy – you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.

The best part? You can sign up for shifts at any time, including at ConBravo! If you decide to volunteer once you are at the event, or want to take on more shifts.

Please note: A valid badge for the day you are volunteering is required in order to join us for your shift. Only volunteers who have purchased a badge online prior to the event are eligible for badge reimbursement. 

Volunteer Guide (in 8 Easy Steps!)

    1. Ensure you are pre-registered for ConBravo!. This is a must if you want to receive any reimbursement for your efforts! You may still volunteer with us if you have not pre-registered, but you must have valid admission to the convention on the date of your shift.
    2. Follow the steps in the section above to SignUp for your shift anytime before the shift starts.
    3. Print a copy of your Volunteer Hours Worked Form before you get to ConBravo! (PDF coming soon!) In case you lose your Volunteer Hours Worked Form, extra copies will be at the Prop Desk (located near Registration in the HCC Entrance).
    4. Once you have completed SignUp, no volunteer check-in is required at ConBravo! By using SignUp, you create and manage your own schedule: simply arrive at your Job Location on time for your shift!
    5. Carefully review the description of your job on SignUp. The description will include:
      • Job Duties: the tasks you will be expected to do
      • Job Location: where you will report to at the start and end of your shift
      • Staff Supervisor: the name(s) of your staff supervisors these are the staff members you will report to at the start and end of each shift who will sign your Volunteer Hours Worked Form, and the staff you should ask for instructions and report any problems to. 
    6. Now it’s time for your shift! Arrive at your shift Job Location at least 5 minutes before it starts and report to your Staff Supervisor, please be sure to have them enter your CHECK IN time on your Volunteer Hours Worked Form
    7. For the duration of your shift follow the instructions from your Staff Supervisor and adhere to the Etiquette, Demeanor and General Guidelines for Volunteers.
    8. At the end of your shift see your Shift Supervisor and have them enter your CHECK OUT time on your Volunteer Hours Worked sheet. Be sure to keep this sheet – it’s your record of the hours you worked over the weekend, and the only way to earn Rewards!)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our volunteer coordinator Sabrina at volunteers@conbravo.com, or in the #volunteers channel on our ConBravo! Discord server

Submitting Your Volunteer Hours Worked Sheet

Once you have completed ALL of your desired volunteer shifts, double-check that your Staff Supervisor(s) have signed your CHECK IN & CHECK OUT hours for all shifts worked. 

If all of your shifts have been signed in both spaces, great! You can now bring your Volunteer Hours Worked Form to the Props Desk, located beside Registration near the HCC Entrance. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see the ‘Volunteers’ sign! 

If you have worked enough hours for badge reimbursement, your sheet will be collected and a refund will be processed for you within the next 3 – 5 business days. 

If you’re looking to collect ConBravo! Merchandise as a reward, you must meet with the Volunteers Coordinator during the hours outlined below.

Volunteer Hours Worked Form Drop-Off & Reward Pick Up Hours

To receive any ConBravo! Merchandise rewards, please visit the volunteers desk during the following hours:

Volunteer Desk Hours

Date: Sunday, July 28th ONLY
Time: 1 PM – 5 PM
Location: HCC Entrance (beside Registration)

Not able to make it on Sunday afternoon? That’s not a problem! If you can’t make it to the desk during the listed hours, you have 2 options:

  1. If you are redeeming for merchandise rewards, please contact Sabrina (through e-mail or Discord) and she will coordinate to meet you in-person prior to desk hours. 
  2. If you are redeeming for badge reimbursement, your completed Volunteer Hours Form can be dropped off anytime at the Prop Desk beside Registration. Blank Volunteer Hours Worked Forms will also be available here throughout the weekend.